Nutrition and Supplementation

Nutrition and supplementation pays a pivitol role in reaching your maximum performance in training and racing. At Tri Alliance we have Partnered specifically with companies who meet the needs of our athletes.


Recovery Nutrition

Ascend Proven Sports Proteins

Post training and racing nutrition is the key in muscle recovery/regeneration. Particularly with intense or high volumes of training. An inadequate protein and carbohydrate refuelling post training has been linked to increased susceptability to injury and under performance. Post training it is optimal to replenish protein and carbohydrate in the body within a 20min window and finishing.

Ascend are the leaders in the sports recovery industry and Tri Alliance is excited to have Ascends Support. Protein is an important part of the recovery process to ensure your body is ready to take on it’s next session.

Ascends Elite Recovery looks at the building blocks of the muscle in:

  • Reducing inflammation in the muscle
  • Rapidly repair micro-tears in the muscle
  • 100% strength recovery in under 24 hours

Ascend provide all new Tri Alliance athletes with a protein pack valued at $25, plus support our athletes throughout the year with giveaways, prizes and samples. Ascend are an extremely valuable partner of Tri Alliance and you can purchase all your recovery needs at or Contact Tri Alliance for your special discount code for your first online purchase.


Energy & Hydration

Shotz Sports Performance

Are the energy and hydration providers for Team Tri Alliance. Shotz provide our athletes with a range of energy and hydration products ranging from energy bars, gels and hydration tablets.

Shotz also provide athletes with regular energy and hydration information and tips to ensure their performance in training and racing is maximised.

Shotz energy and hydration can be purchased online from our TRI SHOP with FREE delivery to our athletes at Tri Alliance Training Sessions. Ensure you log in as a member to receive your 15% athlete discount.

About Shotz

All Shotz products are formulated using research and findings from independent studies on sports performance. This provides an unbiased approach on the design and manufacture of each product. Talented Food Technologists take this independent information and use their expertise to create products that reflect the premium quality nutrition that athletes have come to expect of the Shotz brand.

The Shotz crew are particularly fussy about the type of ingredients that are used for each and every product, for instance the very low or no sugar content in each of the Shotz products. A huge emphasis is placed on the manufacture, quality control and consistency of each production. In fact the Shotz Energy Gels and Shotz Electrolyte Tablets are manufactured in pharmaceutical grade conditions which exceed the normal food standards.

Shotz is the brand of sports nutrition products respected by world-class athletes and active lifestyle enthusiasts at all levels and from all walks of life. To the consumer, the Shotz brand represents not only a lifestyle but superior product quality, the state-of-the-art in performance nutrition science, and an unparalleled level of customer care.

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