Basic Triathlon Rules

Here a few key rules you should know prior to racing. Course officials will guide you and you should always obey any officials or marshals. They are there to enforce rules for your safety

  • Whenever you are handling your bike, you must wear your helmet and it must be done up.
  • Always follow the direction course as marked
  • Never interfere with  another competitors transition area and equipment if you accidentally disturb another competitors equipment ensure it is returned to its original position before continuing your race
  • Always stick to the left of the bike and run course unless overtaking
  • Ensure you leave two bike lengths between yourself and the bike in front any closer is considered drafting which is illegal
  • No ipods or such devices are allowed on the course you must be able to hear instructions from officials at all times
  • Outside assistance is not allowed this means no one can hand or take anything from you on the course

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