Triathlon Race Day Tips

Tri Alliance will ensure you are prepared come race day with our Triathlon Race Day Tips. Learn how to prepare pre race, use our Checklist to ensure you don’t leave anything at home, learn what a ‘transition’ is and how you can improve plus loads more!

Pre Race Training Tips

Preparing to get into the open water

Ensure you are race ready!

Triathlon Race Day Check List

Ensure you are prepared with all your race gear with our Triathlon Race Day Checklist.

Transitions – what are they and how can I improve?

Each triathlon has two transitions: a swim-to-bike (T1) and a bike-to-run (T2). if you have never been shown what to do in a transition it can be very daunting!


Improve your race times

If you have completed a few Triathlons, you are probably wanting to concentrate on trying to improve your race times. Find out how!

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