Triathlon Pre Race Training Tips

Is your race season nearly about to start? Or have you left your training to the last minute? Don’t worry. With a simple plan, dedication and our tips on how to train for a triathlon we’ll help you get to race day with relative ease and help you exude confidence on race day!

Brick (or Combo) Sessions

Tri Alliance Combo Session at Elwood Beach

Brick (or combo) sessions around 8 weeks prior to you racing are extremely important in helping you get a feel for the race, as it somewhat simulates the real thing. A brick session involves riding and running in the same session, usually doing aset distance for the ride before doing a transition which takes you straight into a fast run to finish off the bike. A brick session could include: Warm up, 3-4 x (15min ride at 80%, 1km run at 85-90%), cool down.These sessions can either be done from a windtrainer (controlled conditions) or on the road, finishing at a location where you can easily change into your runners.

These sessions allow for leg speed to be developed after coming off the bike, and are great to simulate race transitions. Depending on the race distance you are aiming for,  you can then slowly increase the ride and run distances in your brick session.

So if you haven’t started including brick sessions into your training, why not start implementing into your training program. You will definitely reap the rewards!

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