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General Fitness – How fit do I have to be?

The beauty of triathlon (especially the Gatorade & Active Feet series) is that there is a distance to suit every level of fitness. You do not need to have a training back ground, nor do you have to be super fit. As long as you are comfortable that you can complete around an hour of moderate exercise, then you are ready to take on a race! Race distances start at 150 metres swim, cycle 7km and 1.5km run. That’s all you need to start your triathlon career!  Learn more about our beginner training programs.

I’m too unfit – so I’ll do some trainnig on my own before I join up

We often hear this and then the person regrets it. If you put off training now to gain some fitness, then you are only losing the chance to learn loads from our sessions and actually gain fitness QUICKER than if you were exercising by yourself. So don’t wait…


What equipment do I need?

Triathlon can be an expensive sport! When you walk through the bike compound at your first event, you’ll see bikes worth more than some people’s cars! Luckily, beginners can get away with not investing a lot of money until they are really sure this is the sport for them. CLICK HERE to read ‘Equipment to get you started’.



What if I can’t swim?

Learn to Swim Training



Don’t despair we frequently run learn to swim and technique based clinics.  You may need to join one of our learn to swim clinics to learn before you join our main squad sessions so you will feel comfortable. At all times we will ensure you are swimming with people of similar level of ability. Plus, you may not actually be as bad as you think! So contact us to find out how you can get started! CLICK HERE to find out more on our Learn to Swim Programs.

Am I too old to participate?

You are NEVER too old – what’s that saying? You are as old as you feel? Races have age categories 65+, so as long as your are in good health, have regular medical check ups and your GP give’s you the go ahead, then there is nothing stopping you!

When is the best time to get started?

NOW! Not tomorrow or next month. Today! The sooner you start training, the sooner we can help you work towards your health, fitness and triathlon related goals. Trust us, you will never look back!

Have any other questions for us?

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