Group/Bunch Ride Information

Every group/squad/club have different rules they follow when riding in groups on the road. If you attend any of our Group Rides on Saturday’s or Sunday’s, you MUST read and be aware of the following:


  • Group sizes will be no more than 12-15 riders. If a group has more athletes than this, the group will split into 2 or more groups.
  • Coaches are in attendance on rides but cannot ride with every rider and it is nearly impossible to keep a group together for an entire ride. You need to be aware that there WILL be times you will be on your own. So you must know where the group is heading, where meeting points are and know how to get home and be responsible for your safety and those around you.
  • Ride details can be found in the Weekly Transition each week so ensure you read all the details included. This is your responsibility.
  • Before each ride a Coach will provide a ride briefing, outlining the purpose of the ride, what to focus on during the ride etc. Ride briefings will be held 10min before the designated start time of the ride.
  • Athletes who are riding in our group rides MUST attend the ride briefing by the designated Coach PRIOR to the group ride.
  • Coaches provide a brief and guideline before the ride, however athletes should be aware that they will not be able to remain with the whole group the whole ride. It is your responsibility to pair (buddy) up with riders of similar ability. If you are unsure, a coach can help buddy you up. Remember every athlete is out there to train so it is difficult to keep the entire group together for the whole ride.
  • Athletes should advise a family member or friend that they will see on the same day where they are riding and what time they expect to return.
  • Check your bike the night before, including ensuring that your tyres are pumped. This can help you avoid morning panic!
  • Prepare your gear the night before including your clothing, nutrition, spares kit, lights hydration etc. This also can help you avoid morning panic – and ensure you arrive on time.
  • Allow plenty of time to get ready for your ride. It can take around 15-20min to prepare for your ride if you have driven to the riding location. So arrive at the location 20-30min PRIOR to the start time.
  • Always bring more food than you need. To calculate the amount of food you need, factor in either 1 gel or half an energy bar around every 30-45min of your ride. Then bring an extra 2-3. It is also handy to set your garmin to have calorie alerts every 300 calories. This will remind you to eat.
  • Ensure you have read our information on bunch riding and cycling ettiquette here.
  • Ensure you have read our information on bike road rules and safety here.
  • Remember we are all out on a group ride for a purpose. Remembering your purpose in conjunction with safe riding will help ensure an enjoyable and safe ride.


  • Front and rear lights (no rider will be allowed to ride without lights)
  • 2 x spare tubes (no less!)
  • 2 x C02 canisters and valve OR hand pump
  • Sufficient food/nutition (you should eat approx every half hour)
  • 2 x water/hydration bottles
  • Phone and money
  • We recommend athletes wear a RoadID Bracelet
  • Dress according to the weather! So make sure you check the weather before leaving home

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