The Brisbane based squad is back with several great session per week centered around Inner Brisbane. Our swim sessions in summer are based at Ithaca outdoor pool with head swim coach Hannah Hogan. run and ride sessions from West End with run coach troy Grimshaw and now our Wednesday Strength session at Guru Sports Performance in Wilston.


Two coached swim sessions are available each week and are run from the Ithaca Pool. The sessions are held Monday and Wednesdays after work from 5:40pm. All levels are are welcome with special attention to new comers.


The cycling sessions are true to a perfect training timetable with session currently on Thursday and Saturday mornings.  These session are available to all levels.

  • Thursday Mornings 5:30 am (up to 90 minutes)
    Located at the West End this session is a skills based session for beginners and a circuit for intermediate and above.
  • Saturday 5:30am is our long aerobic ride.
    This session is great to build up the much needed strength endurance for our intermediate athletes or provide that initial base for our beginners.

Run session like our cycling have been placed to maximise quality session with the right recovery between session.

At this time we have a quality run session on a Tuesday morning from West End starting at 5:30am.  This session can easily cater for the inexperienced athlete while pushing the most experienced.

Keep up to date on the sessions through our Facebook page and online calendar.

To express your interest, please complete the below form and we will contact you with further information.

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