• Ashley Purcell posted an update 3 years, 6 months ago

    Ok my friends I promised something important. Well here it is, if you are like me and like stats and race results so you can compare races with others or year on year to measure improvements then I have the solution for you. I have been using this website for a long while now and it is excellent. The results, in some cases go back years. Remember race website don’t generally keep your results for too long so this solution is the best one. Simply go to http://www.athlinks.com sing in or create an account and watch the magic happen. The website will search literally thousands of races world wide for your name and you can then “claim” your results. My friends if you reckon this is a great as I reckon it is then give me a like

    • Is this it

    • It didn’t work & I have results in Australia, Singapore, Vietnam, Austria, Indonesia I admit slow results but still results- shame great tool if it works

    • That’s pretty cool Ash. I don’t understand the % of age group stat but apart from that it’s great

    • Hi Ash, joined up, started adding races. Sadly it doesn’t include DNF races. And Gatorade is sometimes spelt Gadorade which makes it difficult to find. And 2 of my previous races (in Wollongong and Aldinga) have no results under them (for anyone, not just me!).
      But it’s otherwise pretty straightforward, will definitely keep using it! Thanks for the tip!

      • Ok good news, every time I log in the system has automatically searches the world databases for races under my name so don’t be surprised that next time you log in you have some “unclaimed” race results. Just go thru the results and claim the ones that are yours. Remember there are probably other people in the world with exactly the same name as yours, so only claim your own results

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